How to know Poplar Tree Prices ?

Poplar prices are decided in the designated Timber market through Demand and supply mechanisms. The Yamunanagar district is known as the plywood capital of India and has one of the largest Timber markets in Asia.
The Wood logs of poplar trees are now sold in 2 categories according to the circumference( गोलाई) of logs.

  1. Over/Under – size above 14 inch
  2. Sokta – size between 14 to 10 inch
  3. Firewood – Size below 10 inch

In June 2021, The Rates prevailing at Yamunanagar Mandi are Over/under – 950 to 800 Rs/quintal, Sokta – 560 Rs/Quintal, Firewood- 250 Rs/ Quintal.

There is no Government website that communicates daily/weekly/monthly prices of Wood logs in mandi in contrast to other Agriculture produces prices which can be checked through many ways. The e-NAM is the most popular website for checking crop prices in any district.

But there is a way to check the poplar prices. The ‘Lakkarwala’ mobile app provides the Weekly mandi prices trend in Yamunanagar.

The poplar prices do have seasonal variations. The labour shortage during the Rice sowing season results in less supply of Poplar in the market and hence one can observe a price rise. During Monsson, one can witness the surge in poplar prices. Thus, Farmer can plan and sell at the appropriate time to get higher profits.

– Written by Rohit Kansay

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